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Free Proxy List


What is Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List is an online tool that generates unlimited proxy IP addresses within a few seconds. If you need an extra fast free proxy list for a particular country then, click the Refresh button to generate a fresh proxy list. You can also download the proxy list txt file by clicking on the Export button.

Why People Use Proxy?

There are numerous reasons for using a proxy server. Here I'm mentioning only the main reasons:

  • To share an Internet connection on a LAN
  • To visit banned websites
  • To protect their IP address
  • To speed up their Internet connection speed

Free Proxy List - Download Proxy List TXT

Disadvantages Of Using A Proxy Server

No doubt, a proxy server can protect you from many online threats, but they do have some disadvantages also. As we all know that a proxy server keeps your IP address anonymous from external websites and hackers, but your proxy provider knows your real IP address. So, you need to choose one of the best proxy providers wisely.

Make sure your proxy provider uses a valid SSL certificate to encrypt your data because it's very important to keep you safe online. If you don't want to use proxy servers then, you can use encrypted browsers like Tor.

How to Use Proxy?

There is an option to set the proxy in all modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, etc. You can set a proxy of any country as per your requirements.

After setting up the proxy, your real IP replaces with the proxy's IP address.

You can use our free IP checker tool My IP Address to know about your current IP address. If you want to check website IP address, then you can use our Domain to IP and Class C IP checker tool for free.

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You can also use an award-winning VPN service like PureVPN instead of a proxy service. Don't get confused with these terms. Let me explain to you all about VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Proxy Server.

Proxy vs vpn

If you want to know my recommendation, which is the best service VPN or Proxy? Then no doubt, VPN is the best, and it's a more secure way to interact online. A VPN can provide you an extra layer of security.

A proxy only secures your default browser or torrent client that you are using, but a VPN's encrypted tunneling technology protects you from many online threads by securing your network connection.

It hides your real IP address and serves its dynamic IPs. If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), then you will also get 5 times more connection speed as compared to a Proxy server. So finally, VPN is the winner in the "Proxy vs VPN" contest.

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Hey, if you are still reading this article that means you enjoyed it. I hope this proxy generator tool will help you. I love it because it's free and anyone can download proxy list txt file without paying a single penny, but I highly recommend a premium VPN service provider if you can afford a premium VPN Server.