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What is QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is the Best Free QR Code Generator that helps you to create QR codes online easily. It's effortless to generate QR codes with the free tool. Anyone can generate unlimited codes for free.

What is QR code and how it works?

QR code is a scannable image that can easily be scanned by any QR code scanner. You can instantly read a QR Code by using a smartphone camera.

It works like a barcode at the supermarket. Every QR code consists of several black squares and dots which represent specific pieces of information.

What is a QR code used for?

QR stands for Quick Response. A smartphone can scan a QR Code. It is generally used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it into your cell phone.

You may easily find it in a magazine advert, web page, billboard, or even on someone's dress.

How to generate a QR code?

You can quickly generate unlimited QR codes by using our free QR code creator tool. It's straightforward, enter your text that you want to encode, then select images size (QR Code image size) and correction level, and finally hit the "Generate" button. That's it, and you are done!

What information does a QR code contain?

A QR code can contain too much information like someone's contact number, email, V-Card, SMS, and just plain alphanumeric text.

All the scanning devices can quickly scan it and respond by opening up the correct application installed on the phone to handle the encoded data appropriately courtesy of the FNC1 Application Identifiers that embedded into the encoded data.